My mantra …the 2 Ps

I’ve had an amazing summer with my daughter – the 1st one ever that I haven’t been working.  But now as she settles into her new school and autumn is most definitely upon us I turn my thoughts to work…

It hasn’t exactly been the most productive year for me so over the next few months I’m muttering my daily mantra “PERSEVERANCE & POSITIVITY” as I knuckle down and reconnect with old work colleagues, attend networking events and apply for roles which have my name written all over it – (apparently not judging by the number of rejections I have had this year).  But as the-font-of-all-knowledge (i.e. my hubby) puts it; it’s a numbers game.  When he said this to me the other day it was like a slap round the face as I was licking my wounds about a rejection.  It pulled me up short but he’s true.  There’s work out there just for me but I’ve got to hunt (stalk?!) it down.

However I take heart form the article I read this morning on The Pool about a 48 year old mother being given an internship at The Spectator.  How awesome is that?  What’s even better they did not request a CV, name, age or qualifications but they recruited purely on a set of tasks the applicant had to execute.

So where does that leave me as I turn 48 this week too?  A friend of mine who used to be in recruitment suggested that I should dumb down my CV if I want to go for less senior, more hands-on roles but I’m not sure how I’m meant to pare back over 25 years experience. Or if I really want to…I don’t mind taking a step back but it’s finding the companies who are forward thinking about recruiting the right person with the best cultural fit irrespective of age, sex and background.

It’s going to be a tough gig but I’ll get there by by-passing the traditional recruitment agency route and and approaching growing brands and agencies where I see myself fitting in and who, in return, will hopefully see the benefit of my experience.

Wish me luck!

Perseverance, positivity, perseverance, positivity, perseverance, positivity, mutter, mutter mutter….

P.S If a recruiter thinks they can help me then I’m all ears


A curvy career path

I was delighted to read an article about a curvy career path on The Pool. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had twists and turns in their career.  Although the backbone of mine has always been retail and lifestyle; it hasn’t been a natural path: from working on the shop floor at Majestic Wine (the best graduate job ever learning about wine!) to PR and communications, event management, marketing and most recently content marketing or contract publishing as it used to be called.

The funny thing is I thought that businesses would like my broad skill set offering an overarching view of markeing and business and yet it appears that it’s not always the case.  Recruitment consultants don’t know where to place me and roles seem to be getting more defined with a very specific skill set.  Is this not short-sighted or maybe, dare I say it, I’m too old and too expensive? I love to learn new things and embrace change so that shouldn’t be an issue and what I can offer is over 20 years of experience, team management and overcoming challenges. Surely that’s worth something?

I would love to think of myself as a multipotentialite as per Emily Wapnick’s inspiring Ted talk but I don’t think I’m that clever! However I do feel that it does describe my approach to work and how I thrive in my wiggly career path.  I think we should embrace our careers in whatever shape or form they take – one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

I’m up for another twist in my career – is anybody else up for the challenge?