My mantra …the 2 Ps

I’ve had an amazing summer with my daughter – the 1st one ever that I haven’t been working.  But now as she settles into her new school and autumn is most definitely upon us I turn my thoughts to work…

It hasn’t exactly been the most productive year for me so over the next few months I’m muttering my daily mantra “PERSEVERANCE & POSITIVITY” as I knuckle down and reconnect with old work colleagues, attend networking events and apply for roles which have my name written all over it – (apparently not judging by the number of rejections I have had this year).  But as the-font-of-all-knowledge (i.e. my hubby) puts it; it’s a numbers game.  When he said this to me the other day it was like a slap round the face as I was licking my wounds about a rejection.  It pulled me up short but he’s true.  There’s work out there just for me but I’ve got to hunt (stalk?!) it down.

However I take heart form the article I read this morning on The Pool about a 48 year old mother being given an internship at The Spectator.  How awesome is that?  What’s even better they did not request a CV, name, age or qualifications but they recruited purely on a set of tasks the applicant had to execute.

So where does that leave me as I turn 48 this week too?  A friend of mine who used to be in recruitment suggested that I should dumb down my CV if I want to go for less senior, more hands-on roles but I’m not sure how I’m meant to pare back over 25 years experience. Or if I really want to…I don’t mind taking a step back but it’s finding the companies who are forward thinking about recruiting the right person with the best cultural fit irrespective of age, sex and background.

It’s going to be a tough gig but I’ll get there by by-passing the traditional recruitment agency route and and approaching growing brands and agencies where I see myself fitting in and who, in return, will hopefully see the benefit of my experience.

Wish me luck!

Perseverance, positivity, perseverance, positivity, perseverance, positivity, mutter, mutter mutter….

P.S If a recruiter thinks they can help me then I’m all ears


The value of networking

I’ve had lots going on recently; holiday, a new puppy, some consultancy work and I ran my second networking event. So unfortunately my blog has taken rather a back seat of late. On the plus side it means I’m busy and stimulated which make me happy.

So back to my topic this week networking.  Firstly, not just the formal activity of networking but those general inroductions you make through everyday life and through work.  For example, over the past 6 weeks I have been immersed into the world of DHL and last week I had the opportunity to help run a workshop for the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector.  Working with the global head of this sector and key members of the marketing team was inspiring.  Their passion and knowledge couldn’t help but rub off on the rest of us who were there from Blackdog and I am sure the work we will do for them will reflect that.  But it’s also those casual conversations and off-the-cuff remarks which really help the partnerships too.  Our conversations spanned from work to football to sneaking extra children and dogs into hotel rooms, custard, living abroad, taking home comforts back to the US i.e. Cadbury’s chocolate and even Little Britain! Finding those common links which helps you understand that individual on a more personal level will also strengthen the business relationship.

Back to the “physical” networking events. There are so many out there; those that are for women only such as Athena, referral events; BNI to name a couple but I wanted to start one which is more about supporting individuals and local businesses. “Networking @ No. 18”.  Two in and I’ve found it fascinating. Listening to other people’s ideas and realising that your experience and skill set doesn’t always have to be the right answer or the way forward. People’s minds work in different ways and it’s that different perspective that I am relishing.  I hope that it will make me think broader and deeper when I do my work and take the time to look at it from all different angles – not with a straight communications head on. At the end of the day, for me, it’s not just about trying to win new business but supporting individuals and other businesses to grow and flourish.