Switching off

I’ve read a couple of great articles just this week from very different sources about switching off from the digital noise that surrounds us.



And for me it holds so true.  We live our lives checking our devices, reading curated content and looking at edited selections (just think of John Lewis’ The Edit) without giving ourselves time to think or make our own choices.

Stop. When was the last time you had a lightbulb moment sitting at your computer?Word Cloud - Creativity, Inspiration and Ideas. wordclouds about the creative process, grey, blue, white. Isolated Light Bulb Shape

My inspired moments come when I’m doing the most mundane of tasks. Or exercise – that’s the best one for me.  It allows my mind to wander and gives me time for random thoughts.  The idea for this blog came to me when I had a long walk home after realising that I’d got on the wrong train (too busy scrolling through Twitter to double check the front of the train). Eureka; it came to me.

So take a break, leave everything behind that might go “ping” at you and see what happens. You might be a bit twitchy at 1st but you’ll reap the benefits I promise you. Be liberated. Cherish JOMO.