I’m switching my focus….

I’m having a week off job-hunting this week.  I need to draw breath and focus on other stuff. It can be soul destroying as you send off your application full of hope and then it seems to get lost in the ether never to be found again. I wish that companies would send out a standard response saying if you don’t here back from them in a certain period of time then it’s a thanks but no thanks. Just to manage my expectations; that’s all.

In an ideal world l’m trying to find a part-time or flexible role so I can focus on other parts of my life but again these seem so few and far between, especially at my level. There seems to be plenty in the press about the rise of flexible working and job sharing but I ain’t seeing much in my sector even though I’ve signed up to Capability Jane, Timewise and Ten2Two! You never know, something might be around just around the corner. However on a positive note this leads me on to this week’s topic of volunteering…

I’ve started volunteering for a local charity for the elderly, CHEER and have the greatest pleasure in visiting Valerie once a week.  A very bright, articulate lady who lives in Claygate.  I so enjoy my visits as she tells me about the history of the area –  I had no idea that the America Air Force was stationed in Bushey Park during the war – and we seem to cover every topic under the sun so there’s always a good debate to be had.  Valerie has also had an idea on my social enterprise project which I’m developing (more about that when it’s further down the line) and I’m sure I will be picking her brains further! We chat alot about how she is getting old and the fear and anxiety which sits alongside ageing.  As Valerie so succinctly puts it you spend your whole life working towards something; university, work, marriage, children, retirement and then what…death?  It must be the strangest feeling not having a focus in life and the loneliness that comes with it too.

From the elderly to the young; I’m also hoping to do a few hours a week of PR & marketing for The Flying Seagull Project which I mentioned in a previous post. They are a troupe of clowns, magicians, circus performers and musicians taking smiles to those in need giving children some precious time to be children. They’ve got some great fundraising events lined up and no doubt I will be thrown into the deep end but it’s for a great cause. BTW they also organise the most amazing kids parties so if you are thinking of entertainment, do get in touch as all the profit goes straight to the charity.

So you see where’s the time for work?  I’m sure I’ll be able to fit it in somehow although I am relishing the shift of focus in my life!


A charity which inspires and fills you with laughter

What???? you may be thinking is the title of this week’s post all about. Well I’m going off piste this week on a short and snappy piece about a fabulous charity I discovered this weekend – The Flying Seagull Project.

I’ve just had the most amazing time with family and friends at The Wilderness Festival which was full of entertainment for kids, teenagers, adults, the sane and the downright out-there people. It was a wonderful eclectic mix. And as my daughter called it – mufti day for adults – as we wondered round admiring all the outfits and impromptu performances going on around us. The one thing she adored apart from all the spangles and glitter were the acts put on by this charity – comedy, magic, circus tricks and making up kids games. They were humble, inspiring, uplifting, amazing and thought provoking.

Their mission at the festival was to highlight what they do – visiting war torn and conflict countries to bring some laughter and humour to children. Their current project is to visit the refugee camps in Greece in October. I’m sure like me, you take for granted the laughter and happiness you share with friends and family and how fantastic that this troupe (if I’m allowed to call them that) of professional entertainers volunteer their time to put a smile back on a child’s face.

& what’s more every penny of every donation goes straight to the projects they are working on.  Admin costs are covered by the children’s parties you can book with them  in and around London.

I feel as if I’m doing a sales pitch and I don’t mean to but I was so bowled over by these people and what they are doing for children around the world. Please do take a look at the work they are doing and if you’ve got a kids party coming up; book them.  Guaranteed it will be amazing plus you will be supporting a much needed and worthwhile mission.

Preaching over; I’m stepping down from my soap box.